We’re gardeners in search of blooming businesses.


The private equity business is a turf war - and we’re gardeners with seed capital.

Gardeners are patient. They know seeds take time to reach their full potential, and that each species has its own pace and life cycle. The gardener’s job is to provide nourishment and support, creating an environment where the seed can become what it’s destined to become.

Scanfert Group is not your garden-variety type of private equity. We are, have been, and always will be a family business. We like to think of ourselves as business gardeners, looking for investment opportunities, either at the germination or blooming stage, to establish long-term relationships. This is not flowery speech – it’s what we believe in, and it’s what got us here.

Here's how we like to make businesses grow:


Investment target size ranging from 0.5 to 5 million euros though smaller or larger investments are also welcome.


Open to minority, equal or majority ownerships.


More than simply acting as an investor, we like to work as a partner, mentoring and helping in the decision making.

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