Diversified Portfolio.

We've grown a variety of businesses from the ground up.

Scanfert’s know-how acquired throughout the years in the health industry has provided a fertile ground for new investments in different fields – ranging from farming to air transportation, and more.

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Running Tide

Current Assets

Minority shareholder
USA (2022 – Present)

Running tide, a Maine-based startup is fighting the climate change by capturing carbon dioxide from air and putting it back where it belongs. This comprehensive team of engineers, software developers and maritime professionals are growing kelp in hightech hatcheries and sinking it to the deep oceans.


Cabin Crew Academy

Current Assets

Minority shareholder
Spain (2018 – Present)

The story of Cabin Crew Academy began at a golf club in Malaga, Spain, where Ralph and Javier Barriga met. Mind you, none of them plays golf. Javier, an airline pilot, had an idea of offering courses for training flight attendants, but he needed a partner – and he found in Ralph a business co-pilot to get the idea off the ground. Cabin Crew Academy trains flight attendants, airport ground crew members, and cruise ship hosts aspirants. Certificates received from this school enables people to work for airlines, airports and cruise ship companies.



Current Assets

Majority shareholder
Spain (2018 – Present)

Co-Founded with Mr. Javier Barriga and headquartered in Malaga airport, iJet offers premium transport services focused on private jet flights. In addition to operating two jets owned by Scanfert, the company also provides helicopter transport, catering, evacuation flights, and more. In-house pilots, flight attendants and driver services guarantee a smooth user experience.


Kasungu Macadamia Farm

Current Assets

Equal shareholder with partners
Malawi (2020 – Present)

After tobacco prices went down, many of the farms in Malawi were abandoned, and people were left without jobs. Scanfert partnered with the Bizzarro family and Mr. Dinesh Chugh, who had recently started turning an old tobacco farm into a macadamia farm. With the investment Scanfert made, the company is continuing to plant new trees on empty fields and continuing the development of solar-powered irrigation systems.

Currently, the farm is employing several hundred people, mostly women, and fostering nearby areas’ development. The company also plans to start a reforestation project of up to 1500 hectares at the site.


Atlas Maintenance

Current Assets

Majority Shareholder
Spain (2019 – Present)

Atlas Maintenance is an aviation maintenance company offering high-quality services for private aircraft, from small single-engine planes to business jets. Additional services include cleaning aircraft from outside and inside, a service that spiked in demand with COVID-19, and renting hangars for keeping aircrafts safe under a safe roof.

Vickers Wave Aircraft

Current Assets

Minority shareholder/investor
New Zealand (2020 – Present)

Vickers aircraft is developing an amphibious light-sport aircraft. This two-seater is about to fly its first flight and is planned to meet the market needs for affordable but still extremely safe aircraft. The investment is a result of Ralph’s interest and long history with flying.

Saari Chocolate

Current Assets

Main shareholder
Dominican Republic/Finland (2020 – Present)

Saari makes sustainable, organic tree-to-bar chocolate that melts in your mouth and melts your heart. Its headquarters are located in the North of the Dominican Republic island, on a farm that’s home to over 10500 cacao trees, a factory, several warehouses, and cozy bungalows, just steps from a deserted beach bathed with the warm, idyllic Caribbean sea, offering chocolate tasting tours and eco-tourism.

Saari Foundation

Current Assets

Dominican Republic (2020 – Present)

The Saari Foundation is an initiative that aims to help local communities in the Dominican Republic, supporting education, providing funds and supplies needed to improve people’s lives.


Nordic Jet Charter Air Ambulance

Past Assets

Minority shareholder/investor
Finland (2020 – Present)

Nordic Jet Charter is a Helsinki-based aviation company co-founded with Petri Kauraniemi, pilot and Harri Kekkonen, CEO. It focuses mainly on evacuation flights (also known as ambulance flights, a growing market due to commercial airlines’ travel restrictions), transferring people in private jets with health care professionals and equipment for the flights. The company aims to remodel and make ambulance flights more accessible with more effective planning and synergy with private healthcare providers. 

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