Ava Peter


Branching out from the Ava Clinic Tampere in Finland, the Ava Peter clinics brought the infertility treatment technology and expertise across the border, right after the fall of the Soviet Union, to an eager and enormous market. All in partnership with Mr. Gleb Mikhailik.

The first Russian clinic was founded in the heart of St Petersburg in 1996. Offering top quality services in infertility, gynecology and urology, this clinic became well-known and the largest infertility clinic in Russia. Later on, another clinic was opened in Tatarstan.

The Ava Peter group was sold in 2017 to a Russian company, along with the Scandinavia Clinic Hospitals and medical centers. At the time of the exit, the group was the 4th biggest private healthcare provider in Russia, employing 2,350 people, and had IFC (world bank group) as a minor shareholder.


Scandinavia Clinic Hospitals and Medical Centers

Past Assets

Main shareholder
Russian Federation (2004 – 2017)

With the Ava Peter fertility clinic’s success in St Petersburg, the idea to expand operations to general health care started to develop.

In 2004, this idea took the shape of a five-storey hospital in downtown St Petersburg, offering a wide range of outpatient services in various fields of medicine, a delivery department, a surgical unit with several operation theatres and an inpatient ward, as well as comprehensive services in laboratory diagnostics and imaging (x-ray, MRI). Later, this served as a model to establish a network of smaller Scandinavia Clinic medical centers in St. Petersburg and Vologda, making services accessible and affordable to more people.

The hospital and medical centers were sold in 2017 as part of the AVA Group deal with a Russian investor.


Northern Hospital, St Petersburg

Past Assets

Main shareholder
Russian Federation (2015 – 2017)

Northern hospital opened in 2015, in the North of St. Petersburg. From the start, the modern hospital was equipped with the newest medical technology and well-resourced premises such as high capacity surgical unit, post-surgical inpatient care, intensive care unit, emergency services with in house ambulances, dentists and orthodontists, a top-tier laboratory and much more. This attracted top-class specialist teams to join the company and an opportunity for pioneering public-private partnerships, both in health services and in educational sectors, such as the medical university of St. Petersburg.

The Northern Hospital St Petersburg was sold in 2017 as part of the AVA Group deal with a Russian company.


Hospital in Kazan, Tatarstan

Past Assets

Main shareholder
Russian Federation (2011 – 2017)

Ava Peter Kazan offered outpatient consultation, in-patient care, antenatal and maternity care, elective surgery, as well as laboratory and imaging diagnostics for the city’s 1.2 million inhabitants. This 7,500 square meter clinic was a public-private partnership with the city of Kazan, along with a local insurance company.

As a separate project, Ava Peter Kazan, another public-private partnership was forged, offering infertility diagnostics and treatments in Kazan. 

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